Choose Add button in overview items

Via the menu item: Buttons, choose a button where the message is to be created. In this example, Button 1 is selected. To the right, you can see all the items under Button1.

Titel = Title field (short name of message)
Start date = From which date message should be shown
End date = Date until which message should be shown
Active = Whether message should be shown
Actions = change, delete or copy
Choose the orange button: Add which is shown at the top.


Creating a message to show in the app

The situation below shows the process for adding a simple message.

Publish = To show or not to show message
Publish on = Show message from date
End on = Show message up to and including date
Order = what position message should have among other messages
Language = Specific language (selecting another language can change remaining languages)
Title = Title field (short name of message)
Subtitle = Title field (2nd most condensed name of message)
Description = Description field (extended description of message)
Open website = Whether to open directly to a website (leave empty)

Choose the orange button: Add to add a message.


Overview messages

The situation below shows the overview of all messages and the bottom message is the created message.


Opened message

The situation below shows when the created message was selected.